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Maria Toth 07/20/2012 09:30:31

Dibanet Networking Day
31 October 2012
Thessaloniki, Greece


Application is open for the DIBANET Networking day which brings together key players in scientific communities and industry to discuss how Europe and Latin America can work together to produce diesel fuels sustainably and cheaply.


The Networking event will be a pre-session for the “UBIOCHEM-III: Sustainable production of fuels/energy, materials & chemicals from biomass”, the third International Workshop of COST Action CM0903, which will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece on 1-3 November 2012, and is organized jointly by the Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute of the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CPERI/CERTH) and the Departments of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH).


The participation is free of charge, however, registration is required.


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admin 01/27/2012 09:37:40

DIBANET Workshop on Acid Hydrolysis Process Modelling

12-13 February 2012

Birmingham, the United Kingdom


The next DIBANET workshop will focus in AC process modelling and will be held at ASTON University in Birmingham, UK.

Maria Toth 05/25/2011 15:29:55

DIBANET Catalist Workshop

12-13 May 2011

Limerick, Ireland


Members of the DIBANET research project team from Europe and Latin America recently came together for a two day research workshop hosted by the Carbolea Research at the University of Limerick.


The purpose of the workshop was to discuss progress in the development of the DIBANET process, with a heavy emphasis on the role of catalysis in the production of diesel miscible biofuels from European and Latin American feedstocks.


Acid hydrolysis of biomass feedstocks for the production of levulinic acid is being carried out in the DIBANET reactor system at the University of Limerick. Promising results from the development of a pre-treatment to reduce the recalcitrance of biomass, resulting in an improvement in the hydrolysis yields were discussed. A pre-treatment system utilising catalysts developed by UBA was also examined.


Latin American partner UFRJ are undertaking catalytic esterification reactions of levulinc acid and ethanol to produce ethyl levulinate and upgrading of bio-oil using catalysts developed in-house and by UBA.


The residual materials from the hyrdrolysis process are being examined by UK partner Aston University for their potential as a feedstock for pyrolysis to produce bio-oil. CERTH from Greece are investigating the role that catalysts can play in improving the yield of bio-oil from the pyrolysis of the acid hydrolysis residues.

Maria Toth 01/12/2011 15:26:47

Dibanet Summer School
13-16 December 2010
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Federal University of Rio de Janeiro hosted a one week summer school in Brazil in December 2010. The DIBANET Summer School, aimed at providing in-depth information on technologies for the sustainable production of second generation diesel fuels. The School was designed for postgraduate students (Masters and PhD) in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Topics of the summer school were covering both hydrolysis and thermal processing for second generation biofuel production. Lecturers of the course included key players in scientific communities and industry from Europe and Latin America. Presentations of the School will be available in the frame of a DIBANET e-Learning course soon.

admin 01/12/2011 15:22:34

Dibanet Networking Day
13 December 2010
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The event consists of presentations of the project activities and available results as well as a poster session to demonstrate the project activities. 64 participants attended the event from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ireland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain and UK. Mr. Chet Culver, the Governor of Iowa, USA also attended the event as well as the poster session.


The presentations of the event are available at the Networking Day session directly: while photos are available in the Gallery:

admin 02/05/2010 15:18:09

DIBANET workshop for Biomass Sampling and Analysis
9-17 December 2009

University of Limerick, Ireland


The agenda, the presentations and the workshop materials are available in the Downloads & Link area: