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DIBANET E-learning

The DIBANET project offers two e-learning courses on diesel production from wastes and residues, free-of-charge. The courses are available (after registration) to everyone interested in second generation diesel production.

Covered topics in course 1 (hydrolysis):
  • Carbohydrate chemistry: (important components for acid hydrolysis)
  • Feedstocks of Europe & Latin America
  • Conventional and rapid analytical methods for biomass analysis
  • Acid hydrolysis of biomass (pre-treatment, kinetics and products)
  • Catalysis in acid hydrolysis of biomass
  • Analysis of DMBs produced to comply with EU590 on biodiesel
Covered topics in course 2 (thermal processing):
  • Introduction to biofuels
  • Thermal processing of Biomass (slow, fast pyrolysis, gasification)
  • Biomass catalytic pyrolysis
  • Upgrading of pyrolysis products (esterification, catalytic cracking)
  • Analysis of DMBs produced to comply with EU590 on biodiesel
The e-learning was prepared with Articulate software that makes it easier to access the e-learning materials by any type of Internet browsers. How to use presentation for the e-learning is available here.

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